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Drainage Pipe

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Non-Woven Geotextiles

Nonwoven fabrics are made by extruding continuous filaments of polypropylene which are then cut, opened, laid into a web, needle-punched, heat-set and rolled into the finished product. These geotextiles are approved by many local, state and federal agencies including the Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Army Corps of engineers, the environmental Protection Agency and AASHTO.

Woven Geotextiles

These fabrics are manufactured from extruded polypropylene monofilaments interlaced to form a dimensionally stable construction fabric.

Bi-Axial Grids

Biaxial geogrids are made from a single sheet of extruded polypropylene using a punched and drawn process.

Uni-Axial Grids

Geogrids are used almost/entirely for soil reinforcement. Their large aperture size limits their effectiveness as a filtration layer but their high tensile strength make them ideal for reinforcement applications such as base reinforcement and soft soil stabilization.

Silt Fence

ADS Silt Fences are EPA recognized as Best Management Practice (BMP). Use Silt Fences for added erosion control and to retain sediment on your jobsite. Silt fences are available in a variety of specifications including variations in stake size, spacing and optional tensioning cords and plastic backings.

Turf Reinforcement Mats

Turf Reinforcement Mats can handle the stress of high velocity running water and has a superior design life. With its all synthetic composition, TRMs can handle high velocities and shear stress inherent to difficult slope and channel applications.

Geo Cell

ADS Geo Cells are lightweight and composed of geotextiles instead of polypropylene to allow for water and nutritional permeability to promote vegetation. The construction of ADS Geo Cells makes it easier for the product to conform to the surface of the terrain and allows it to be more resistant to stress and tension.

Erosion Control Blankets

ADS degradable erosion control blankets act as dimensionally stable, reinforced mulches to hold seeds and soil in place until vegetation is established in non-critical applications.

ADS Straw Wattles

Wattles are a cost effective erosion control solution designed to curb the effects of medium to high velocity storm and water runoff.

On-Site Leach

ARC™ Chambers

Designed to accommodate both gravity–fed and pressure–doses systems with quick installation by one person into trench or bed applications.

BioDiffuser® Chamber

Uniquely designed for trenches varying in width and length.

Septic Stack™ Pipe Systems

The Septic Stack pipe’s lightweight material makes it easy to install and increases design flexibility.

SB2 Pipe

Piping specifically engineered for a safe and cost effective way to create an infiltrative soil absorption area.

Single Wall Leach Pipe

Light weight and chemically resistant, this pipe has set the standard since 1967. It is supplied in 10′ (3m) lengths with an integral bell and spigot, and remains the preferred high–density polyethylene product in gravel absorption systems.

Perimeter Drains

AdvanEDGE Pipe is built as a vertical panel, which intercepts subsurface water flow and directs it to leach fields.

Related Onsite Drainage Products

ADS offers a full line of onsite wastewater drainage products and accessory items to meet your needs. These accessories and miscellaneous fittings will keep your drainage system working at peak performance. ADS onsite drainage accessory products include:


• Septic Fabric
• Distribution Boxes
• Multiple Corrugated Polyethylene (CPE) Pipe Fittings – (tees, elbows, wyes, couplers, end caps, septic tank tees, septic tank adapters, sewer pipe adapter)
• Header Pipe & Fittings
• Diverter Values


HP Storm - Dual Wall - PP Pipe

Corrugated exterior and smooth interior, high-performance polypropylene (PP) pipe for gravity-flow storm drainage applications.

N-12® Dual Wall – HDPE Pipe

ADS Dual Wall N-12 drainage pipe, available with multiple joining systems, provides corrugated-pipe strength and smooth interior wall hydraulics for increased flow capacity, in a lifetime package.

SaniTite®HP – HP- PP Pipe

The SaniTite HP pipe is part of the already proven N-12 product line and has been specifically engineered for the gravity flow sanitary sewer market.


ADS MEGA GREEN™ – HDPE Pipe is a corrugated, smooth-interior, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe with minimum 40 percent recycled content, ideal for environmentally conscious projects.

Duraslot® Slotted Surface Trench Drain

Duraslot is made from dual-wall corrugated polyethylene pipe with an aluminum slot mounted on top of 4″ – 36″ (10.16cm – 91.44cm) N-12 pipe. Typical applications include roadways, sidewalks, parking lots, plazas, loading docks, industrial floors, parks and athletic fields.

Highway Single Wall Pipe

Piping that provides superior resistance to chemicals, road salts, motor oil and gasoline that is rust resistant and won’t deteriorate or crumble over time.

Single Wall Pipe with SockADS PolyFlex™ Pipe

ADS single wall, perforated HDPE pipe with sock is ideal for drainage projects where flexibility, light weight and low cost are important, as is the prevention of infiltrating sand.

ADS Triple Wall® / Smoothwall

ADS 3000 HDPE Triple-Wall and Smoothwall pipes are available in a variety of sizes. Triple-Wall and Smoothwall pipes are ASTM F810 certified.

NEWLINER™ (Slipline) Pipe

NEWLINER is a spiral wound HDPE pipe used for underground culvert rehabilitation and in-place sliplining. NEWLINER conforms to the minimum cell classification 335464C for 12”-60” (300-1,500 mm) diameters as defined in ASTM D3350. Installation shall be in accordance with ASTM D2321 and ADS recommended guidelines.

Specialty Fittings

INSERTA TEE® (watertight service connection fitting)

Inserta Tee offers you access to the broadest line of high performance, easy to install, three-piece lateral connections in the world.

Nyloplast® PVC Fittings

Nyloplast fittings are available for most underground piping systems currently available to the North American market, feature rigid PVC durability, and can be counted on for a 100-year service life.

Tigre-ADS PVC Fittings

Tigre-ADS PVC fittings are manufactured using a virgin PVC compound with a cell classification of 12454 or 13343 in accordance with and certified by the NSF, to meet ASTM D 1784. Gasketed fittings are manufactured in accordance with ASTM F-477 or ASTM F-913.

Inlet and Outlet Pipe Screens, Guards, and Connectors

ADS offers a large variety of products to prevent siltation, debris and animals entering your drainage systems.

ADS Meter Pits

High quality, easy to install, gas and water meter pits from Advanced Drainage Systems deliver the performance needed for all kinds of soils, while making meter reading faster and more efficient.

Sumps & Lids

Strong, high density polyethylene (HDPE) sump basins and lids from Advanced Drainage Systems offer large capacity to help keep basements dry. Multiple styles of sump basin, locking and non-locking lids including our radon sump kit.

Related Onsite Drainage Products

ADS offers a full line of onsite wastewater drainage products and accessory items to meet your needs. These accessories and miscellaneous fittings will keep your drainage system working at peak performance. ADS onsite drainage accessory products include:


• Septic Fabric
• Distribution Boxes
• Multiple Corrugated Polyethylene (CPE) Pipe Fittings – (tees, elbows, wyes, couplers, end caps, septic tank tees, septic tank adapters, sewer pipe adapter)
• Header Pipe & Fittings
• Diverter Values

Storm Water Detention & Infiltration

StormTech® Chambers

The StormTech Chamber System provides a cost effective alternative to above ground ponds for detention, retention and infiltration applications. The StormTech System is designed primarily to be used under parking lots, roadways and heavy earth loads for commercial, turf and municipal applications. The StormTech Chamber system “Saves Valuable Land and Protects Water Resources.

LandMax® Stormwater Management System

The purpose of a subsurface stormwater management system is to capture and/or re-use stormwater runoff for a designated area. A stormwater detention system slows and temporarily holds stormwater runoff so that it can be released into the environment at a controlled rate. A stormwater infiltration system, on the other hand, allows stormwater to percolate into the ground. The net effect is an exfiltration of stormwater into the adjacent native soil. An effective means of stormwater management can be detention, infiltration and re-use or a combination of all.

Storm & Sanitary Structures

Nyloplast® Catch Basin Structures

Nyloplast Catch Basin Structures, available in multiple configurations and sizes, offer connection point solutions, the ability to change elevation, and options for pipe type transitions."

HP Manhole Structures 

Catch Basin Structures, in multiple sizes and configurations, provide connection choices, quick and easy installation, and field adjustability.

Nyloplast® Catch Basin & Curb Inlets

Whether the job calls for standard, roll, diagonal, or high flow curb inlets, Nyloplast catch basins have you covered.

Nyloplast® Drain Basin & Inline Drains

Nyloplast Drain Basin and Inline Drains combine performance-proven ductile iron grates with a rugged PVC structure, representing the latest in storm water piping technology.

 HP AG Lift Station & Pumps

The HP agriculture lift station manages water flow rate, field water table level and power consumption.

Water Quality

Barracuda™ Stormwater Separator

The Barracuda is market-changing, stormwater quality technology. A high-performance, vortex hydrodynamic separator, the Barracuda removes total suspended solids (TSS).

StormTech® Chamber – Isolator® Row

The StormTech Isolator Row is a patented system which provides a cost effective method to isolate a significant percentage of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Hydro Carbons and Total Phosphorus (TP).

ADS HDPE Water Quality Unit (WQU)

ADS HDPE Water Quality Units offer efficient solutions for stormwater treatment, removal of TSS, oils and heavy metals, and fast, easy installation. 

FLEXSTORM® Catch Basin & Curb Inlet Filters

FLEXSTORM Catch Basin & Curb Inlet Filters are the universal solution for stormwater runoff control, offering superior protection for the widest range of drainage structures in the U.S. FLEXSTORM Inlet Filters are designed for both temporary and permanent inlet protection requirements.

Nyloplast® Envirohood®

EnvironHood is an innovative stormwater management device attached to the inside of a catch basin or manhole designed to prevent the outflow of floating debris and oil.

Nyloplast® Weir and Outlet Control

The Weir and Outlet Control Structure is a Nyloplast catch basin with a panel or plate device that can divert inflowing water to a preferred outlet, or regulate outflow from a drainage system.

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