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Preformed Bearing

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Preformed Bearing Pads

Voss Engineering

SORBTEX® is a layered rubber and fabric composite material that is used as an elastomeric bearing pad in a wide variety of structural bearing applications. SORBTEX® is manufactured to meet, and is tested in accordance with, the requirements of MIL-C-882E. SORBTEX® also meets the cotton-duck pad (CDP) requirements as discussed in AASHTO Section, Section, and AASHTO Section 18.10.1. In addition to the above noted globally recognized specification references, SORBTEX® is also identified by a multitude of state and corporate specifications and descriptive references. The most common descriptive references for SORBTEX® are: fabric pad, preformed pad, preformed fabric pad, cotton duct pad, cotton duck pad, and CDP.

SORBTEX® offers great flexibility to the engineering community in the design of connections requiring relative movement between structural elements. When compared to other elastomeric bearing products, SORBTEX's high load capacity, predictable vertical deflection, and rotation range allows for the design of significantly smaller and more cost effective bearing solutions. Structural bearings whose sizes require an average compressive stress of 2,500 psi (3,000 psi per AASHTO) and rotations to 0.025 radians are possible with SORBTEX®. -Cure & Seal EPX is a low VOC (<24g/l), two-component, water-based epoxy, curing and sealing compound for concrete. It is also suitable for use as an epoxy primer or coating for cured concrete.

D.S. Brown

Versiflex™ Elastomeric Bearing Assemblies are custom molded using neoprene or natural rubber and are categorized into three basic designs: non-reinforced, laminated and sliding bearing assemblies.

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