Grouts and Repair Mortars

High Strength, Non-Sag Doweling Epoxy

Adhesives Technology Ultrabond 1300

Extensive DOT approvals - High-strength adhesion of threaded rod and rebar dowels - Available in cartridge and bulk dispensing systems - Moisture insensitive allowing installation and curing in damp environments - 100% solvent free, zero VOC content

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Quick Setting Mortar

Quikrete Rapid Road Repair

Specially formulated, alkali resistant, fiberglass reinforced concrete repair mortar used for structural concrete repair.

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Keyway Grout

Chemmasters Conset Grout

Conset Grout is a prepackaged, cementitious, non-shrink, non-metallic grout. It is a high strength grout that may be placed at plastic, flowable and fluid consistencies allowing versatile placement under varying conditions. It's approved for use by numerous DOT's.

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Trowelable Mortar

Euclid Chemical Company Verticoat

VERTICOAT is a polymer modified cementitious mortar for vertical and overhead concrete and masonry repairs. It sets rapidly to allow quick, easy repairs of concrete surfaces both inside and outside. VERTICOAT is a two component mortar designed for trowel applied repairs.

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Chemmasters Chempatch V01

ChemPatch V01 represents a breakthrough in concrete repair technology. It is a one component, polymer modified, fast setting, non-shrink structural repair mortar.

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